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Coming to TTRPGs through play-by-post games, I've always leant more into writing over acting. I design simple mechanics that come together in complex ways, making unexpected prompts for you to spark off while writing novels, letters, journals, and more.

I publish in the digital-first HTML and EPUB formats, which support features you won't find in the average PDF!

You can find all my games on itch—this is just a selection.

Red Sun

  • Like Skyscrapers Blotting Out The Sun

    A 2-player writing game of excessive footnotes, killing the author, and woes in translation. One plays the Writer, creating their magnum opus in exile; the other plays the Translator, eagerly appending the great work with equally “great” footnotes.

  • Work in progress


    A trio of messengers carries letters back and forth between their home City and the Caravan of their exiled Prince—over ever-greater distances, through ever-stranger lands—all while writing their own letters to people familiar and unknown, hoping against hope that they can deliver them all.

  • Work in progress


    A solo journaling game exploring the long-term fallout of immortality; a story told in days and weeks, to decades and the death of living memory, to millennia, epochs, and beyond.

More games

  • Twilight Song

    What will you do as an immortal living through humanity's twilight? A hack of The Quiet Year inspired by Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.

  • this person should not exist

    Annotate and deface a Where's Wally/Waldo? book to track your organisation's encounters with the sinister Man Who Should Not Exist and his allies and artefacts of power.

  • the Death of Numismus

    You are Numismus, god of coin, and these are the final Ages of your divine record before you're nickel-and-dimed out of existence. Determine the flow of fate with coinflips and tarot cards and see how haughty divinity crumbles.

  • Over the Moon

    A digital dating-horror game for people who love the moon a little too much! Is the moon your one true love, a third wheel in the sky, or the ultimate wingmoon?

  • Stone Words Walk

    The words of the past litter the world of the future. Find, explore, and interpret them in this solo world-building game.

Adventures and scenarios

  • The Paperflesh Advent

    A sickly-sweet Trophy Dark incursion: mad alchemists, medical horror, and mellified men. If you can recover just one piece of this panacea from its creators, holed up beyond a mind-bending flower meadow and their laboratory catacombs, you could retire richer than God. If.

  • Dark Tidings

    Five bad-news Trophy Dark incursions: No Fear (Ladder), Black Star Bolt (Spectacle), The Degoya Ark (Offering), Albatross (Reversal), and The Devil of High Rock (Tale).

  • The Flyloft

    Five bizarre Dialect backdrops: Hell's Heart (mad whalers), The Founding (startup bullshit), Imitations of Life (nuclear family robots), The Trial (medical trial dreamers), and Rapscallions! (black magic kids).


I fell in love with the art of type design in 2021! My fonts are a mix of icon fonts for analog games, niche graphic design tools, and characterful display fonts.

If you're curious, this site's mainly set in Overpass (OFL) by Delve Fonts, with some uses of my game icon typeface Dicier.

You can find all my fonts on itch and a few on 1001 Fonts—this is just a selection.

Game icon fonts

  • Dicier

    An advanced and accessible TTRPG randomiser icon typeface stuffed with customisation options and translated into six other languages: French, Spanish, Galician, Croatian (standard), Portuguese (both Brazilian and European), and German.

  • timeToPlay

    Customisable countdown/progress clock icons for TTRPGs in a range of styles and fills—perfect for PbtA, BitD, and other systems.

Pixel fonts

  • Zenimini

    A floppypunk pixel typeface in four different styles inspired by a font used in various British comics in the 80s and 90s, including the superhero/cosmic horror story Zenith.

  • Scryptic

    A tiny italic handwriting script pixel font that smooths out on-screen at low resolutions.

Graphic fonts

  • Analog Digits volume 1

    Layer fonts for retro electronic displays: Nixie tubes, Nimo tubes, and VCRs.

  • Analog Digits volume 2

    Layer fonts for retro electronic displays: classic calculators, eggcrate displays, and lightguides/Lixies.

  • Angel-Sealing Glyphs

    Square, calligraphic, brain-scan-like glyphs based on the Angel-Sealing Hex Glyphs seen in the background on various pieces of weird technology from Rebuild of Evangelion (and ancient magitech from Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water).


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