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Coming to TTRPGs through play-by-post games, I've always leant more into writing over acting. I design simple mechanics that come together in complex ways, making unexpected prompts for you to spark off while writing novels, letters, journals, and more.

I publish in the digital-first HTML and EPUB formats, which support features you won't find in the average PDF!

You can find all my games on itch—this is just a selection.

Red Sun

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Adventures and scenarios


I fell in love with the art of type design in 2021! My fonts are a mix of icon fonts for analog games, niche graphic design tools, and characterful display fonts.

If you're curious, this site's mainly set in Overpass (OFL) by Delve Fonts, with some uses of my game icon typeface Dicier.

You can find all my fonts on itch and a few on 1001 Fonts—this is just a selection.

Game icon fonts

Pixel fonts

Graphic fonts


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I make games, fonts, and websites (among other things).

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