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Coming to TTRPGs through play-by-post games, I've always leant more into writing over acting. I design simple mechanics that come together in complex ways, making unexpected prompts for you to spark off while writing novels, letters, journals, and more.

I publish in the digital-first HTML and EPUB formats, which support features you won't find in the average PDF. Don't let the minimalism of my games fool you—these formats have a well of versatility and power still mostly-unexplored in tabletop gaming!

You can find all my games on itch and a few on DriveThruRPG—this is just a selection.

Red Sun

More games

Adventures and scenarios


I fell in love with the art of type design in 2021! My fonts are a mix of icon fonts for analog games, niche graphic design tools, and characterful display fonts.

If you're curious, this site's mainly set in Overpass (OFL) by Delve Fonts, with some uses of my game icon typeface Dicier.

You can find all my fonts on itch and a few on 1001 Fonts and DriveThruRPG—this is just a selection.

Icon and graphic fonts

Pixel fonts

Other fonts


Over the past few years I've started designing relatively small, often single-page sites that do one thing well and are written in clear, semantic HTML, CSS, and javascript. Besides that, I like to make tools and templates and write guides and documentation that help light the way where I had to stumble in the dark.

You can find my sites on Neocities, most other projects on itch, and snippets on Codepen.

Active websites

Tools and templates


While I do most of my own art for my games, font guides, websites, and storefront pages, but this section's for the low-poly lo-fi 3D modelling I do in picoCAD. If you want to commission me, check my contact links!

I also contributed some 3D work to artist Higado y Riñón's animation If You Gotta Go Live.

You can find all my art in a long thread on my streaming twitter account—this is just a selection.




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  1. 2023

    1. Red Moon, the third (and current) version of this site
    2. The Lantern Library v1.0
    3. Stone Words Walk v1.0
    4. Weird Waves v2.0
    5. Scryptic v1.0
    6. began streaming on twitch
    7. Burning Babel, the second version of this site
    8. The Flyloft v1.0
    9. Dark Tidings v1.0

    Plus various font and game updates.

  2. 2022

    1. Weird Waves v1.0
    2. Zonelots v1.0
    3. Analog Digits volumes 1 and 2 v1.0
    4. StS Pages, the first version of this site
    5. Zenimini v1.0
    6. Write Skyscrapers v1.0
    7. Like Skyscrapers Blotting Out The Sun v2.0

    Plus various font and game updates.

  3. 2021

    1. Anomaliad for the 2021 Micro Fiction Games Jam
    2. Angel-Sealing Glyphs v1.0
    3. itch.io's HTML basement v1.0
    4. Minitic v1.0
    5. LilMrkr v1.0
    6. hosted FontJam 2021
    7. timeTo v1.0
    8. Mini-Zine Template Pack v1.0
    9. Trifold Template Pack v1.0
    10. Dicier v1.0
    11. organised the Level-up Layout bundle and distribution
  4. 2020

    1. Drowns the Sky v1.0
    2. The Devil of High Rock v1.0 (later in Dark Tidings)
    3. this person should not exist v1.0
    4. Contact from Unknown v1.0
    5. hosted Trophy Trifolds session 2
    6. The Eldritch Ecstasy of Detective Dog v1.0
    7. hOwdy v1.0
    8. No Fear v1.0 (later in Dark Tidings)
    9. hosted Trophy Trifolds session 1 (jam reused for session 2)
    10. Bodyworks v1.0
    11. the Death of Numismus v1.0
    12. Midnight Signal v1.0
    13. Banned From Argo v1.0
    14. Dirty Papers v2.0
    15. The Paperflesh Advent v1.0
    16. The Founding v1.0 (later in The Flyloft)
    17. hosted House and Home Jam
    18. Twilight Song v1.0
    19. Like Skyscrapers Blotting Out The Sun v1.0
    20. hosted Just the Two of Us Jam
  5. 2019

    1. Dirty Papers v1.0, finalist in the 2019 200 Word RPG Challenge
    2. From Sea to Shining Sea v1.0
    3. This Christmas, Give 'Em Hell v1.0
    4. Over the Moon v1.0
    5. Angels of the Railway Stations v1.0
    6. You in Me v1.0
    7. Letter Bearer v1.0
    8. Pockets full of Stars v1.0

writing writing games

I make games, fonts, and websites (among other things).

Check my portfolio in the links above!