Welcome to my play journal!

This is an extension to my main blog so I could put all my solo RPG play posts in a single sub-blog.

The play journal and main blog have separate RSS feeds. If you wanna follow both, then you've gotta use both links. If you just want the play-throughs, then just follow the feed in the play-journal sub-blog, and vice versa for the main blog.

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Upcoming unplayed games

This is a list of games I'm thinking about playing for the journal, and haven't already played for it yet, in no particular order. Got something you want me to add to the list? Send me a link! My contact details are in the footer.

By others

By me

Playtest rules

This is a list of links to games I've made and added to this site. Mostly these are gonna be small playtest versions or otherwise unpublished games, or fragments of games. Don't expect much art (or, expect it to be stuff like royalty-free images off Pixabay and stuff like that).

This isn't a list of every game for which I've posted a play-through on this site, just the ones I've designed and posted play-throughs for.

Check out my itch storefront for my published games, which are a lot more complete than these.