Here's another little update on Weird Waves, since I did a little bit more work on it since the last post!

The first thing is, it's got the barest skeleton of a layout now: sections in different tabs (but on the same page so the audio keeps running). Here are the different sections so far:

The second thing is, it's got some new shows. I found out about Suspense when someone recommended me the episode Fugue in C Minor (starring Vincent Price and Ida Lupino), which has a really, really obvious first twist and then takes a bit of a fuckin swerve in the last few minutes. It's on the schedule this weekend (along with The House in Cypress Canyon, another decent horror story from the series).

It's kinda hard to find episode summaries for the series, but I found a blog with episode reviews and picked out ~80 more shows from their “Best of Suspense” post categories… out of the 500 in that category (it's more of a thriller series than a horror series). I dunno exactly how many of those'll actually be a good fit for Weird Waves, but they were about evenly split between a “probably” list and a “maybe” list. A lot of the ones I didn't pick were noir-ish murder plots, or adultery plots that led to murder, or fraud or embezzlement plots that led to murder, or…

Also every Suspense show seems to have ads for the same vineyard in it (Roma Wines, which sponsored the series for a while). Right now I think it's kinda funny, so I'm leaving them in.

Lastly, I added a spoiler effect on the content notes for each show (only the ones with spoilery notes). I tried with :hover, then ::selection, but neither was mobile-friendly, and I couldn't do the checkbox hack because show info gets duplicated and you can't have more than one checkbox with the same ID. There were a few fixes I could've done with javascript, but I wanted to keep it simple, so I just went with <details>/<summary> widgets—specifically set up so when you click the <summary>, it disappears, leaving the irreversibly-revealed <details>. It's a neat space-saving effect.

So, what's left to do? Pretty much everything on the to-do list on the first post I made about Weird Waves. Still, even just the basic layout's a big step forwards in how the app feels. My plan's to have it all set up and be well into beta by the start of October, hopefully just tweaking things and adding more and more shows by that point.

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