With this year ending soon I figured I'd look back at what I did in 2022—games I released, web apps and other digital stuff I coded, and fonts I made—and talk a little about what I wanna do next year.


This year

Really short section cause I released almost no games! I did do a bunch of unreleased stuff, though. I also switched from PDF-first game publishing to HTML/EPUB-first game publishing, with PDF (and maybe print?) coming later.

Here're the games I released in one way or another:

Next year

I've got so much WIP stuff I need to lay out, and the framework I built for Like Skyscrapers is gonna hopefully make that a lot easier. Some names:

I might also revamp/refurbish some of my older games like From Sea to Shining Sea, Over the Moon, and the Death of Numismus

Web/programming projects

This year

I started seriously learning (a bit of) HTML, CSS, and javascript. Here's what I did while I was learning:

Next year

I wanna make this year's projects more accessible: adding a GUI to Write Skyscrapers so people can use it without coding knowledge; maybe making a template version of Weird Waves; and making an app that lets people make custom Dicier-style icon fonts (more info in this explanation).


This year

A little slow for fonts, but not as slow as games was.

Next year

Really I just wanna finish and release the WIP stuff I've got going on, plus the Dicery (see above) and maybe another pseudo-random font like LilMrkr (but based on old monospaced scientific documents).

I've also been thinking about getting back to the timeToPlay expansion that I kinda never got round to adding to. There's still the Bullet and Flower styles to make!


Next year

I've got a few repeat things planned for next year:

And so?

Overall: next year I'm planning on switching gears a bit: doing way more game stuff, probably about the same amount of web app stuff, and less font stuff (mainly wrapping up WIPs), plus doing some daily/weekly/monthly stuff in other areas (visual and audio art). Might be the first year I do a proper crowdfunder. Will things happen like I'm planning? Who knows.

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