This is a short post, just looking at the progress on Weird Waves and what I have left to do before the whole site is, in fact, finished! It follows up on the last post I wrote about Weird Waves.

So, there are two items left undone on the last post's to-do list:

The top one's done, kinda: all the boilerplate-heavy stuff is now built with javascript, so it takes up less data (sometimes much less). That actually includes the entire Archive, which is now part of the main script file.

The bottom one's getting there: I've uploaded 100 new shows since beta began, so I've got 46 left. When I get there I'll make the schedules longer (8 shows on weekdays and 6 on weekend days or vice versa), and again when I get to maybe 350 (boosting it to 8/8) and finally 520 (boosting it to 8/12).

The three things on my to-do list for after the beta are:

I dunno if I'll actually do the first one—the idea's already pretty specific and it feels like a fair bit of effort I'd then have to maintain, that few, if any people would use. The second's a given; I'm pretty sure there's enough material out there for me to easily get past 520 (a unique schedule every week of the year at 10 shows per week, or every week of half the year at 20 shows per week). The third's optional (it'd be nice to do it, but I'm not 100% tied to fixing it because it's not a critical error, just a slightly-annoying delay).

The one other thing I could do is change the design. At first (way earlier in development, before the site even really had any kinda design) I had the idea of drawing a banner and all the nav icons by hand, converting them to lightweight SVGs, and putting them directly in the file, but I like the simpler way it looks now, and it's super-lightweight.

In conclusion…?

I'm definitely getting the Archive to 520 shows, and increasing schedule sizes accordingly. My arbitrary goal's just to keep the number of shows above the number of days the station's been broadcasting, which I've managed so far.

I'm gonna have a look at the issues I've seen with show delays on tune-in, but I'm not super-invested in fixing it.

I may or may not make a generic version of Weird Waves, probably not.

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