Weird Waves is now deep into its gamma phase—making any last tweaks and filling up the show count to 500 (originally 520, but see below)!

I just added another bunch of shows, bringing the total to 340. My old goal was 520, since the schedules had 10 shows per week and 520'd let me have totally-unique schedules every week of the year (in practice there'd be repeats), but since I expanded the schedules that no longer applies, and in the end I decided to cut the goal to a more round number.

Back to the new shows: A major new source I've been taking from recently is the turn-of-the-millennium sci-fi/horror online radio play revitalisation Seeing Ear Theater. There's some especially weird stuff in this, like the kinda Beckett-esque 2-parter An Elevator and a Pole and the nearly-dialogue-free Meet the Neighbor and Too Late. They'll get on the Schedule sooner or later, but you can also listen to them any time in the Archive!

Once I reach 500, the last thing I'll need to do is re-tag all shows in my (offline) schedule-builder so they all have roughly the same number of tags, removing any bias when I make a quick schedule with the builder script.

Remaining goals:

Deadline: 30th of September (I could add 1 show per day and still make it with over a month to spare, so I'm not worried about this at all).

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