Today marks a change of direction for Weird Waves—not by much, but still, a significant one.

Long story short, I decided to cut all 40 Magnus Archives shows I have in there, because of minor legal concerns. I also won't be taking shows from another currently-active podcast project for the same reason I removed the Magnus Archives shows. That means I'm down about 80–100 shows on what I was expecting to get to fill out the Archive. At the same time, I cut another few dozen shows I decided I didn't like enough, or weren't a good enough fit for the site, or had too poor audio quality, or had other issues.

Together, those brought the total from about 375 shows to under 300, and the ceiling from 500+ to… significantly lower. So, I brought the goal down from 500 to 366—enough that someone could listen to 1 per day every day of the year (even leap years) and never repeat. Both goals I had were totally reasonable under the circumstances, but the circumstances changed.

I still need to cut a few more shows (in particular I need to go through the SCP Archives series), but most of the cutting's done, leaving me to just add more shows to the site; at the same time as I cut all those shows, I added a few dozen more, including about half a dozen new sources. That brings the current total to 320 shows, only 46 away from the end of gamma—much closer than it was before.

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